Around the Horn*

     MICHIGAN: A tea party group in Michigan’s Livingston County is attempting to recruit candidates to run for area school boards. The group wants to prevent the states largest teachers union – the Michigan Education Association – from electing union-friendly candidates who use their positions to push the MEA’s agenda.
     “For a number of years, the (MEA) has had a strategy of taking over local school boards,” Wes Nakagiri told the Daily Press and Argus. “Rather than improving student education, their primary focus has been increasing (the) compensation of their union members. We are looking for citizens whose first priority is student academic performance.”
     That should be music to the ears of Livingston County’s parents and taxpayers.
    CALIFORNIA: The California Teachers Association is “giving $1.5 million … to Gov. Jerry Brown’s effort to raise taxes,” reports the Capitol Alert.
    While that’s a large chunk of money, the union understands that if Brown’s tax increase passes in November, it will generate a lot of new revenue for California’s public schools. More teachers and more school employees means more dues dollars flowing into the CTA’s coffers.
     The union is operating on the principle that sometimes you’ve got to spend money to make money.
     ILLINOIS: A two-day teachers strike accomplished what months of contract negotiations couldn’t for the Rockford Education Association. The union went on strike last Thursday and secured a new contract offer a day later.
     By rewarding the union’s bad behavior, the district has not only emboldened the REA to strike again during future contract disputes, but Illinois’ other teacher unions will see that a teachers’ strike is the quickest way of getting what they want. The Rockford school district has done taxpayers a tremendous disservice.

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