Education reformers send Wisconsin teachers union a message

     Education reformers with the group READER-WI (Reforming Education And Demanding Excellent Results) sent a message to taxpayers and union officials by way of a billboard on the Beltline near WEAC headquarters in Madison.  
     The humongous sign depicts a bummed-out school girl with a famous quote from former American Federation of teachers President Albert Shanker: “When schoolchildren start paying union dues … I’ll start representing schoolchildren.”
     We believe the me-first mentality of the quote perfectly sums up WEAC’s history of obstruction to education and school spending reform in Wisconsin. 
     “Teachers unions by law are not allowed to represent children,” Jeff Waksman, spokesman for READER-WI, told Isthmus. “It describes exactly what they do.”
     Those who aren’t convinced can read up on WEAC obstructions and the union’s insurance racket that persisted for decades prior to Act 10 on our website.

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