Unions already groaning over NY Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo’s common sense property tax cap proposal

It’s a union nightmare: capping taxes could force schools, governments to re-examine spending

     A coalition of labor groups in New York, including New York State United Teachers, already are taking aim at Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to cap property taxes two weeks before the Democrat takes office.  

     New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness, an advocacy group sponsored by Big Labor, recently spoke out against the Gov.-elect’s proposal to control soaring levies by capping local property tax increases at 2 percent per year, according to the New York Post.
     The group’s director, Ron Deutsch, has taken to his soap box to demonize the proposed cap that he claims will “institutionalize the current inequities in school funding” and “decimate the services that so many New Yorkers rely on,” according to the Post.
     Instead, the group, supported by NYSUT, SEIU and the Civil Service Employees Association, is in favor of an alternate $1.3 billion relief plan paid for, in part, by renewing a nearly expired tax hike on the “rich,” the Post reports.
     What the group doesn’t acknowledge is that public schools in New York, as well as the services that so many New Yorkers rely on, are plagued with bureaucratic expenses that are bleeding taxpayers dry. Overtaxing the folks who currently fund those dysfunctional systems will only perpetuate the current spending problems.
     If New Yorkers for Fiscal Fairness were concerned at all with fiscal fairness for the state’s taxpayers, it would call for better management of schools and other public entities, instead of more taxes.
     Business Council of New York President Kenneth Adams put the unions’ “gimmick” into perspective for the Post.
     “Groups tied to the teachers and public-employee unions are calling for a ‘circuit breaker’ rather than a tax cap,” he said. “That would simply shift New York’s unbearable property-tax burden from some taxpayers to others.”
     From our experience, that would suit the unions just fine, so long as revenue continues to flow through the public service systems and into their coffers. Unfortunately for them, the public has started to recognize the union racket as the poor economy takes its toll on nearly every government budget. We believe union resistance to the Cuomo’s tax cap proposal is futile.
     The fact that these Big Labor groups already are fighting against common sense measures designed to help New York’s struggling taxpayers only further exposes their unfettered greed. This group, Fiscal Fairness, would rather continue on with sky-high annual property tax hikes than reform the school systems and local agencies that are causing the financial crisis in the first place.
    It’s ridiculous, and we suspect that the state’s taxpayers agree.
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