Ed Reform RADAR

1-19-12 Indiana’s new school voucher program is constitutional

1-12-12 Neshaminy teachers walk out on students

1-5-12 Did the New York teachers union cost city schools $60 million

12-22-11 Still hope for Florida vouchers

12-15-11 Washington governor to taxpayers: Lets Make a Deal

12-8-11 Six-figure severance for fired superintendent has taxpayers up in arms

12-1-11 Two bad choices in Washington state_ Higher taxes or

11-23-11 Union spends big bucks to demonize Christie, kill New Jersey school reform efforts

11-17-11 Angry Lewis spews insults, then blames EAG for backlash

11-10-11 Do teachers really believe theyre paid to preach political views to kids

11-3-11 Chicago labor board says longer school days are an irreparable harm for union

10-27-11 Should wealthy unions and their leaders pay their fair share

10-20-11 Some unionists prefer a permanent state of hostility in schools

10-13-11 Corbett pushes for voucher program in Pennsylvania

10-6-11 Ann Arbor school board and union leaders dont know how much teachers make

9-29-11 Los Angeles school board may allow foxes to run the henhouse

9-22-11 Florida taxpayers stunned by payouts for unused sick days

9-15-11 Obama again protecting teachers unions from necessary sacrifices

9-8-11 Colorado voters will be asked to approve tax hikes for education

9-1-11 Washington Post columnist Parents not capable of fixing troubled schools

8-25-11 American public losing faith in teachers unions, support educators

8-18-11 Ohios collective bargaining law could be toast in November

8-11-11 Connecticut AFT No power to the people!

8-4-11 Motor City Madman takes on NEA, public schools

7-28-11 Michigan unions bringing politics into the classroom

7-21-11 Trapped in the union against his will

7-14-11 State tells school to cut costs, but not without union consent

7-7-11 Utah students learn a hard lesson about union influence in public schools

6-30-11 The tide is turning against bonuses for teachers with advanced degrees

6-23-11 Tacoma taxpayers demand to be heard during contract negotiations

6-16-11 Young San Diego teacher calls on her union to sacrifice to save teaching jobs

6-9-11 NAACP, unions selling out black students in New York City

6-2-11 Tennessee teachers unions can keep their bark, but their biting days are over

5-26-11 AFT uses card check process to organize Massachusetts charter

5-19-11 Should public schools guarantee teaching jobs or quality instruction for students_

5-12-11 Indiana lawmakers put finishing touches on impressive list of historic reforms

5-5-11 Tea party activists say they sniffed out some rats in Illinois school board election

4-28-11 Teach for America: Good news for struggling K.C. students, poison for teachers union

4-21-11 State leaders are ending the education debate and laying down the law

4-14-11 Teachers unions have been busy storming banks, defending cop killers

4-7-11 Gov. Kasich may have a chance to educate Ohio citizens about union abuses

3-31-11 Obama opposes D.C. voucher program despite evidence of effectiveness

3-24-11 Oklahoma City officials won’t share financial data with the public

3-17-11 Colorado district green lights groundbreaking voucher program

3-10-11 Courageous Wisconsin senators find a way to revive legislative process

3-3-11 Did school, union officials hide an Illinois teacher’s sex crime

2-24-11 Special interest political power is on full display in Wisconsin

2-17-11 Wisconsin becomes ground zero in the escalating school reform war

2-10-11 Tenure commission orders reinstatement of teacher who was deemed mentally unfit

2-3-11 Tennessee lawmakers want to bring the curtain down on teacher unions

1-27-11 A Rosa Parks figure emerges in Ohio during National School Choice Week

1-20-11 National School Choice Week unites factions under one big tent

1-13-11 New Florida gov’s education reform plan hits all the targets

1-6-11 Its a long and winding road when you try to fire a teacher in New Jersey

12-30-10 N.Y. union leader admits tenure is a joke, but hints at a strike to protect it

12-23-10 Colorado school board battling to keep aggressive teachers union in check

12-16-10 Its a good day to honor school board members for their thankless service