Focus on Reform

EAG FOCUS New Haven schools fire education reformer 4-4-12

EAG FOCUS: Poll says Wisconsin voters understand importance of Act 10 4-3-12

EAG FOCUS Oklahomas teachers unions fight to preserve collective bargaining 4-2-12

EAG FOCUS Some schools struggle to gain union concessions 3-28-12

EAG FOCUS PEG blames learning gap on white culture 3-27-12

EAG FOCUS Unions forcing referendums on reforms 3-26-12

EAG FOCUS School voucher programs becoming mainstream 3-21-12

EAG FOCUS Studies dispell myths spread by unions 3-20-12

EAG FOCUS Abusive Rochester (N.Y.) teacher still not fired 03-13-12

EAG FOCUS The return of Ohios SB 5 controversy 03-12-12

EAG FOCUS New Michigan law takes aim a union insurance scam 3-6-12

EAG FOCUS Teachers union kills parent trigger effort 2-29-12

EAG FOCUS Missouri students stuck in unaccredited districts 2-28-12

EAG FOUCS EAG FOCUS Duncan ignores teacher colleges radical problem -2-27-12

EAG FOCUS Arizona lawmakers target overly political teachers 2-21-12

EAG FOCUS Chicago teachers demand absurd 30 percent raise 2-20-12

EAG FOCUS: Union fights to maintain costly teacher schedule 2-15-12

EAG FOCUS Parents union readies for education reform war 2-14-12

EAG FOCUS Neshaminy teacher calls out union thugs 02-13-12

EAG FOCUS: State superintendent does battle with education industrial complex- 2-8-12

EAG FOCUS Congressman-snubbing WI teacher has history of activism 2-7-12

EAG FOCUS New charter schools forced to gain school board support 2-6-12

EAG FOCUS Charter school may be suffocated 2-1-12

EAG FOCUS Supreme Court case addresses union dues collection 1-31-12

EAG FOCUS Union greed inspires NY parents board run 1-30-12

EAG FOCUS Union release time under increased scrutiny 1-25-12

EAG FOCUS New film skewers Chicago Teachers Union 1-24-12

EAG FOCUS States demand proof teachers are effective 1-23-12

EAG FOCUS National School Choice week kicks off Saturday 1-18-12

EAG FOCUS Michigan teacher pays $500 to quit union 1-17-12

EAG FOCUS Does St. Paul need smaller class sizes 1-16-12

EAG FOUCS Stronger principals, weaker administrators key to saving Indianapolis Public Schools 1-11-12

EAG FOCUS – Charters help transform Pittsburgh Public Schools 1-10-12

EAG FOCUS – Kids taught to write left-wing songs 1-9-12

EAG FOCUS – Chicago mayor pushing for better schools 1-4-12

EAG FOCUS School board blocks promising charter school 1-3-12

EAG FOCUS – Will Las Vegas union choose profits over teachers? 12-21-11

EAG FOCUS Florida governor taking the wrong approach 12-20-11

EAG FOCUS Boston, Toledo school labor costs a mystery 12-19-11

EAG FOCUS One month after defeat of SB 5, Ohio schools reeling 12-14-11

EAG FOCUS Illinois district uses new law to curb excessive benefits 12-13-11

EAG FOCUS Teacher uses classroom to feed students left-wing propaganda 12-12-11

EAG FOCUS Buffalo union leader blocking reforms 12-7-11

EAG FOCUS Big Labor versus the people 12-06-11

EAG FOCUS Minneapolis citizens ask to be heard during contract negotiations 12-5-11

EAG FOCUS Illinois teachers routinely spew strike threats 11-30-11

EAG FOCUS New EAG book on classroom politics available now 11-29-11

EAG FOCUS Pennsylvania teachers union out of control 11-28-11

EAG FOCUS Sick day payoffs hurting schools 11-23-11

EAG FOCUS Tennessee may adopt voucher program 11-22-11

EAG FOCUS Its very hard to fire a teacher in New Jersey 11-21-11

EAG FOCUS Unions, schools spar over outsourcing 11-16-11

EAG FOCUS San Diego teachers ignore financial reality 11-15-11

EAG FOCUS Open teacher contract negotiations to public 11-14-11

EAG FOCUS: Lessons from ugly Ohio defeat 11-9-11

EAG FOCUS Public turning against teachers unions 11-8-11

EAG FOCUS: Did union protect a molester? 11-7-11

EAG FOCUS: Efforts to ban teacher strikes ongoing in several states 11-2-11

EAG FOCUS: Nebraska teachers unions big money grab 11-1-11

EAG FOCUS: Oakland teachers Occupy strike 10-31-11

EAG FOCUS: Forced unionization on the decline 10-26-11

EAG FOCUS: Teachers union Occupy protests 10-25-11

EAG FOCUS: Maine union insurance scam 10-24-11

EAG FOCUS: Charter schools on the march  10-20-11

EAG FOCUS: Vermont teachers strike 10-19-11