Reformers: Gov. Scott Walker is a Rock Star of Ed Reform

     Gov. Scott Walker’s move to curb the power of teachers unions and his reliably pro-student agenda is earning the applause of education reformers across the country, and last week he was officially dubbed a “Rock Star of Education Reform” by the Wisconsin Coalition of Virtual Charter School Families.
     “WEAC even tried to shut us down by taking us to court, and they won … at first,” Jane Krummer-Meyer, Coalition president, said in a MacIver video of a press conference honoring the governor last Wednesday. “At that point we needed emergency legislation to keep our school doors open. In order to secure that, we had to agree to an immoral and unjustifiable (enrollment) cap. It was an awful choice.”
     As part of Walker’s first state budget, he eliminated the enrollment cap and other restrictions, earning him the “rock star of education reform” label from virtual school proponents.
     “We understand that the best way to help our kids and to help families in our state is to give families as many different options as possible,” Walker told the crowd. “Overall, we want to make sure that every kid in the state, no matter what zip code you come from, no matter what your background, no matter what your parents do … that every kid in this state has access to a great education.”
     We certainly wish that union officials and others fighting to roll back Walker’s reforms had the same perspective.

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